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Amongst the members of House Rosa, there are four creeds which are held as sovereign as a banner for the entire house. These are:

  • education
  • empowerment
  • bravery
  • discretion
These directly correlate to the four Powers of the Magus: Noscere, Velle, Audere, et Tacere. That which is known today as Otherkin is, at its core, a collection of what would have been in elder days called lamiae, daemonii, djinn, lilim, sidhe, alfar, and many other things. The tradition of the Nightkind has a long and bewitching, sometimes frightening, history, and an even more vast mythology. We of House Rosa align ourselves to the quickening of this potent part of our reality, focusing on living out our days in consistent mindfulness of our Otherkin nature, as well as utilizing our unique skills for the betterment of our lives, and the lives of those around us. We seek to live as one with the magic around us, as opposed to at arms-length with it.

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The House is led by whoever holds the Mantle of Ash. This mantle is the symbol of the final arbiter, but only so far as they are neutral to the situation. The Mantle signifies one who makes decisions where the group has stalemated; it is a mantle of service, not of authority, for no Rose is more important than any other. The Mantle may not be used to decide anything that is of particular interest to the bearer of it, and any duplicity in this will be grounds for sabbatical at least. If the Bearer of the Mantle cannot be neutral about the subject at hand, it behooves them to place the wearing of it into the hands of one neutral to the the matter, for the handling of that matter. In all other situations, the Mantle falls to the Bearer, and new Bearers will be chosen from those who have attended six months of time with the House, every Solstice. In the event a suitable Rose is not available, the prior Bearer may serve another term, and may continue to do so with agreement from the House, until a new Bearer becomes available.

In addition to the Bearer of the Mantle, each Shade as a Consul or representative who guides the Shade. The Consul is not the leader or the boss of the members of that Shade, but more the representative of that Shade who understands quite well the domain and area of study. The Consul is the one specific questions about that Shade should be directed towards. The Consul is also responsible for helping members of his/her Shade in understanding their path or progressing with their Thorns. The Consul may also post articles and resources, teaching about his/her Shade and path.
A House member cannot serve simultaneously as a Shade Consul and Bearer of the Mantle. If the Shade Consul is chosen as the Bearer, for the duration of his/her tenure as the Mantle, another member must be chosen as the Consul.

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Each member of the House chooses a color or Shade upon entering the House. That color is indicative of the area of study or role that the member wishes to serve in the House. The Shades are as follows:

  • Crimson: the Voice of Allure; these are the custodians of the inner workings of the House, and Thorns are given showing achievement in the arts of seduction and power.
  • Dusk: the Blossom of Mercy; these are the servants of mercy and succor in the the House, the those who heal wounds and ease pain. Thorns are given as signs of achievement in these arts.
  • Lapis: the Speaker of Wisdom; these are the servants of wisdom and understanding, teachers and philosophers who expand the mind and boundaries of spirit. Thorns are given in acknowledgement of success in this.
  • Ebon: the Keeper of Secrets; these are the protectors and confessors of the House. Thorns are given in salute to growth in service of this calling.
  • Snow: Dedicant without Color; some may take this Shade as the 'welcome wagon,' and take Thorns in that Rose as needed
  • Dawn: the Friend of the Garden; not a member, Thorns represent great services done for the House, and are signs of great honor

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Dedicants & House members progress by completing tasks in the theme of their declared Shade. These tasks are referred to as "Thorns" and can be of three different kinds:

  1. Service to the Self, self growth and self achievement
  2. Service to the House, assistance with running and management of the House itself.
  3. Service to the Garden, working to aid the goals of others within the House, or aiding the long-term goals of the House in reference to the outside world.
In order to remain on active membership, Members must be making active progress on their Thorns. As Thorns generally are expected to take a year or more to fully complete, Dedicants have 3 years from their dedication to complete the first 3 Thorns, and are then expected to continue picking up and completing additional Thorns during their tenure with the House. If they are not making progress, they may be placed on sabbatical until the Thorns are completed (Thorns are expected to take a minimum of a year to complete).
This system is intended to moderate achievement within the House, that the members do not become lazy, and allows them to remain motivated while not curtailing their freedom. Sabbatical is temporary, and will be ended as soon as the member achieves their goals.

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