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Interested in joining House Rosa?

Submitting an application does not guarantee admission into the House. We like to get to know our prospective Roses before accepting Dedicants. If you have not spent what the admins would consider ample time getting to know us, we will hold your application until such time as we feel better able to make a decision. Sending multiple applications will not get you accepted faster, and will quite probably be held against you in our considerations.

Just to give you an idea how these things run, the process goes as follows:

  1. Your application is submitted to the Consuls and Mantles for consideration. If there are no objections, a sponsor will be requested from amongst the administration to act as a guide. Your sponsor will be your go-to person for questions and any help you might need, and will be responsible for getting you ready for formal Dedication.
  2. At the next celebration of the Rites of Sky (sometime in early February, generally), you will be invited to participate in a Dedication Rite. The Dedication is like a promise ceremony or betrothal, not a marriage. Any time before full investiture, candidates may leave without too much fuss and feathers.
  3. Dedicants complete the Dedicant Program, a sort of intro to the basics of the House and its practices and philosophy. Dedicants are expected to be able to complete the program in a year (possibly less if one is truly dedicated) but may be granted extra time in special circumstances, with the approval of the Consuls & Mantles. Dedicants are not full members of the House as yet, but may attend some generally closed-to-the-public events and will be expected to attend other House functions for observation.
  4. Once the Dedicant Program is completed, at the next celebration of the Rites of Sky, Dedicants make their oaths to the House and become full members, referred to also as Roses or Companions. All new Companions take the Snow Shade to begin with, while they continue to learn about the House and get a feel for the Shades. After the first year is completed, Companions choose a more permanent Shade (Shade-changing later is allowed, but not to be undertaken lightly).

Remember, if you have not joined and participated on the YahooGroup yet, it is unlikely your application will be considered!

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