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There are four major holidays for the House Rosa, signified by the four cross-quarters of the seasonal year:

  • Imbolc: This is the season of quickening and the celebration of Birth, the time when new projects are brought into play. For us, it represents the tide of new life in the Garden. We remind ourselves of our purposes, our causes, and recognize that as the world moves into the sunlit seasons, we are able to watch and work from the shadows, and that the time is ripe for planting seeds to harvest later. This is the time of looking forward, conserving our energies, and honoring the new ventures presented by others.
    In the House, members present new names, new projects or Thorns, and occasionally (only once every three years, or when absolutely necessary) even taking a new Shade within the House. If there are no great business matters to attend to, a simple celebration rite of whatever manner is enough.
  • Beltane: This is the season of joy and Life, the time when wild and unbridled passion are unleashed. In the House, this is one of the biggest holiday of our year. It is the time of revelry and wildness for us, and all work-aligned projects are put aside in favor of more ecstatic and vigorous celebration. Nightclub gathers, midnight revels, parties, and ecstatic rituals are all a time-honored tradition.
  • Lammas: This is the season of sacrifice and Death, this festival is a time of remembrance and honor. We honor the deeds that have been well done, we make pronouncements on projects that have finished in one way or another. We also spend time honoring those who have passed on into Night, and those who have departed the House. This is a harvest time, and it is a season of honor and memory. Solemnity and gentle revelry are the flavor of this season.
  • Samhain: This is the season of immortality and Resurrection, the most important holiday of our year. This is the time of immortal revelation, oracular work, and embracing of one's true immortal nature. We welcome the Hosts of the Unseen, those unborn and discarnate who dwell within us in the shadows of the Garden, and often host large rites of honor and magic during these nights, looking forward through the Hedge to see the future and other parts of the Outer Garden.

Aside from these four days, we meet and work together 13 other times during the year, once every lunar cycle. As the House is primarily a nocturnal-based tradition, most meetings will be held at night. However, there need be no particular moon phase for such a meeting; such things are valuable only to those with the Arte to work with the moon and tides, and many are disinclined or unsuited to such endeavors.

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